Brentfield Elementary thanks RISD Energy Manager Jennifer Malaniuk for a special visit to our student green team, the Eco Cats, last month. 

Ms. Malaniuk gave an overview of the fundamentals of energy, including renewable sources, such as solar, wind, and water power, as well as non-renewable sources like nuclear power, coal and natural gas.

The Eco Cats were surprised to learn that Brentfield Elementary used 651,994 kilowatt hours of energy last year – the equivalent of 60 homes! The number one energy expense at Brentfield is heating and air conditioning, and the district controls these temperature settings carefully to keep costs under control.

The Eco Cats observed numerous ways Brentfield students and staff can cut down on energy costs, including:

  • Turning off all lights not in use (a security light remains on in every room) 
  • Unplugging any electronics, small appliances, lamps or tools not in use
  • Keeping exterior doors and windows shut. 

A quick tour of the sixth grade wing revealed numerous areas where energy was being wasted. The Eco Cats will be acting as our resident “Watt Watchers” to help educate fellow Bobcats, including teachers and staff, about ways we can make Brentfield more energy efficient.