Dear Parents,

Our Red Ribbon Week Activities are a week long celebration of our commitment to living a healthy lifestyle.

This program is designed to encourage children from K thru 6th grade to make responsible choices for themselves and say “NO” to unhealthy choices.

 Here are some ideas for discussion with your child at home:

- Explain to your child that he/she is very special and that children who are special take good care of themselves.

- Decide on healthy choices when given options. Brainstorm statements your child can say to peers when faced with a tough situation.

- Discuss medicine rules with your child. (And household cleaning agents too).

- Review the facts about drug use with your child and discuss your family’s values about drugs and obeying the law.  Talk about the consequences also.

- Encourage your child to take responsibility for saying “NO” to drugs and “YES” to healthy choices.

- Keep communication open. Create an atmosphere at home where your child feels free to ask questions and talk about concerns he/she is having.


 Here are some of the things we will be doing at school:


 Monday - "Don't let drugs get in the way of your goals"

  • Students/staff wear college clothing to school (optional)
  • Students will receive Red Ribb Remind your children to keep them on all week!
  • Students sign school wide poster outside intermediate cafeteria
  • 4-6thgrade students will attend “Downward Spiral” presented by PEARCE students
  • Students will receive an activity book to work on throughout the week.

 Tuesday - “Follow your dreams – stay away from drugs”

  • Students/Staff wear Pajamas with appropriate shoes (optional)
  • Students sign bully and drug free pledge cards

 Wednesday - "Western Wednesday"

  • Students/staff wear western clothing (optional)
  • Students receive a bookmark with a special message.
  • Students will sign links (for a school wide chain to be connected at assembly)

 Thursday - "Our Future is Bright!"

  • Students/staff Wear as much NEON/BRIGHT clothing (optional)
  • Students receive a special pencil and plastic bracelet to put on their backpacks.

 Friday - "Red Out Day"

  • Students/staff wear as much RED as possible (Optional) (Optional)
  • 2PM ** Red Ribbon activities/FFL ** student assembly
  • Students will receive a sticker


Red Ribbon Week is intended to be a fun, informative time. Have fun–and participate as much as you can!

Thank You to Stephanie Spett, Rachel Portlock and Lauren Fleschler & the BFE STAFF for all your help and PTA for generously underwriting this event.

Mrs. Fishman & Dr. Murlette